Friday, April 11, 2014

Iphone Hacktivate Tool All ios

Iphone Hacktivate Tool All ios 

Free Tutorial and hacktivate tool

Iphone Hacktivate
Hacktivate Tool All ios
This tutorial was made in order to help iPhone users who have problem with one hundred IOS 7 activation, whats you really need is to follow the instructions below and successfully activate IOS 7, you can activated your iPhone without any problems.

This is the best and easiest way to hactivate iphone. 

  • Download and install IPhone_Hacktivate_Tool 
  • Press Button SSH_RD to perform ssh_rd tool 
  • Press Button SSH to mount your devices filesystem 
  • Press Button Run Hacktivate Tool to copy the necessary files to your iPhone 
  • Restart your iPhone and go to restore mode 
  • Press Button Exit Recovery Mode 

Iphone Tool
Hacktivate Tool

With this procedure ends hacktivate iPhone and your iPhone will be activated successfully. Now you are Free person :), Thanks for your time.